How do choose the dewatering screens according to different materials

A high-frequency dewatering screen is a popular mechanical equipment in the mining industry. The high-frequency dewatering screen mainly relies on the exciting force of the vibrating motor to screen materials and then dewater them. How do choose different types of dewatering screens according to different properties of materials? In the case of different material properties, the excitation force and the size of the vibration motor have a certain influence on the screening effect, which makes it impossible for us to correctly select the appropriate type of dewatering screen. At this time, we can make a comprehensive judgment according to the specific gravity, adhesion, particle size, water content, and processing capacity of the material, so what method can be used to obtain a good dehydration effect for different materials.

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The types and models of dewatering screens are roughly divided into vibrating dewatering screens (common motor type) and multi-frequency dewatering screens (vibrating motor type). Therefore, different accessories for different types of dewatering screens are suitable for materials with different properties.

1. For materials with low moisture content and large particles, a vibrating screen type dewatering screen should be selected. This type of dewatering screen is driven by an ordinary electric motor through a soft connection to drive the vibrator in a circular motion.

Advantages: The excitation force type is larger than the vibration motor type. It can make large particles easily jump out of the sieve hole and avoid clogging, so the effect of using a 6-level ordinary motor is very good. Typically, the coal washing and stone washing industries are used in a variety of ways.

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2. For materials with large water content and small particles, a vibration motor type dewatering screen should be selected, and a four-stage vibration motor should be used. Due to the high frequency and speed, the material can run in a fast straight line, avoiding sticking phenomena and without clogging due to small particles. In the network phenomenon, the bonding problem is more important, and a 4-stage vibration motor should be used. Due to the large water content, 304 stainless steel perforated plate should be used as the main anti-corrosion material. Generally, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have more options.

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3. The built-in water shower should be used for high-viscosity materials. The secondary flushing of the second half of the dewatering screen can reduce the adhesion of the material and improve the water washing function to obtain a good dewatering effect.

4. To maximize the function of the high-frequency dewatering screen, under normal circumstances, the side plate of the four-stage vibration motor will be broken after installation, and many complex phenomena will occur, because the angle and stress of the motor plate are difficult to control, causing various Problem After many practices of special materials, great progress has been made in the technical stability of mine vibrating screening.

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The above is the introduction of the dewatering screen. Materials with different properties are suitable for different types of dewatering screens. This is mainly to ensure that different materials can achieve good dehydration results by using different dehydration methods to meet more different user processing material requirements.

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