6 Operation Precautions Of Sand Washing Machine


The sand washing machine is one of the main pieces of equipment of the sand production line. The main function of the equipment in the sand production line is to clean qualified crushed sand and stone materials. The operation of this equipment should strictly follow the product instructions to avoid accidents. The sand washing machine has a simple structure, and the water and materials of the transmission bearing and the impeller between the controls prevent the bearing from being damaged by water immersion, effectively isolating sand and pollutants, and effectively maintaining normal production.

 sand washing machine

The sand washing machine has almost no vulnerable parts. Due to its simple structure, reasonable design, and good dehydration effect, the fine particle products are clean and tidy. In addition, the sand washing machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high output.

 sand washing machine

Pay attention to the details of the operation of the sand washing machine in the machine-made sand equipment

1. Before the sand washing machine works, it must be inspected and preheated, and all kinds of machinery must have windproof measures.

2. Frequently explain the problems related to the operation of the sand washer to the staff who operate the sand washer equipment.

3. The sand washer should be placed securely when not working to prevent potential safety hazards or accidents caused by strong wind and rain.

 sand washing machine

4. The sand washer equipment that has been used every working day should try to empty the water in the memory, and the sand washer that is out of service should be properly placed.

5. Set up the staff who are specially responsible for entering and exiting the sand washing machine to clean up the debris on the sand washing machine in time.

6. After the work is over, the components and machinery on the sand washer should be maintained in time, and all the water in the hopper and cleaning tank should be drained and cleaned.

The above is the relevant introduction to the sand washer. If you want to know more about the sand washer, you can pay attention to our manufacturer and official website.

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